Zero Waste Invitation

Zero Waste is a big idea with one goal: to recognized items disposed as a resource and to reduce and eliminate waste.
The Sonoma County Zero Waste Symposium will engage community stakeholders by showcasing zero waste policies, programs and infrastructure that design waste out of the system wherever possible and divert discarded materials through composting, reclaiming, reducing, reusing, and recycling. We can eliminate waste in Sonoma County with the participation of all residents and businesses. Together, it is possible to be a model for the rest of the community and beyond.
The Sonoma County Zero Waste Symposium goal is to:

  • Educate the community on zero waste;
  • Encourage zero waste as a goal for Sonoma County residents, cities, the county, businesses, institutions, and nonprofits;
  • Support zero waste policy goals through action plans that significantly reduce waste and maximize recycling, composting and reuse;
  • Support business zero waste certification through the Green Business Certification Institute which is aligned with LEED for Buildings Operations and Maintenance; and
  • Provide a networking opportunity with like-minded organizations, businesses, institutions and residents.

TOPICS INCLUDE: Source Reduction Strategies and Examples, Food Waste Prevention, Carbon Life-cycle Benefits through Composting, Commercial and Institutional Organics, Zero Waste Plans and more!
You’ll find the full program schedule here:
Below is a partial list of the cutting-edge speakers leading the way to ZERO WASTE!
Keynote presenters include Oceanographer and Author Captain Charles Moore who discovered the Pacific Garbage Patch and is an international advocate against plastic pollution in the ocean and Jared Blumenfeld who is the former EPA region 9 Director and San Francisco Depart of Environment Director who led San Francisco to being the first city in the US to declare zero waste as a goal.
Leslie Lukacs –Director of Zero Waste, SCS Engineers: Introduction to Zero Waste Global and Local
Felicia Smith – Waste Management Specialist, Sonoma County Waste Management Agency: Debunking Food Expiration Dates and Liability
Mike Prinz – Deputy Director, Santa Rosa Water: Recycling Water, Biosolids and Organics
Sunny Galbraith – Teacher, Apple Blossom High School and 350 Sonoma Board Member: Analy High School Food Waste Composting
Rihanna Frank – Program Coordinator, Santa Rosa Water: Engaging the Community for Santa Rosa’s Zero Waste Earth Day 2018
Julian Gervreau – Sustainability Manager, Jackson Family Wines: Zero Waste Certification
Mary Manut – Founder & Owner, Green Mary: Zero Wasting Events in the North Bay and Beyond
Chris Brokate – Founder & Executive Director, Clean River Alliance: Protecting Sonoma County’s Watershed
Guy Tillotson, – Waste Diversion Technician, Santa Rosa Junior College: Engaging Students and Leading the Way Towards a Zero Waste Campus
Will Bakx – Soil Scientist, Sonoma Compost/Waste Marin Compost: Soil Health and Bioremediation of Fire Effected Land
Joseph Button – Sustainability Director, Strauss Family Creamery
We hope you can make it!
Cheers,Zero Waste Sonoma Coalition

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