Sonoma-USA partners with local businesses to help them identify used materials in their waste stream that are to precious to end up in the landfill – like banners, billboards, grain bags etc.) and diverts them to their Santa Rosa facility where they are upcycled into unique and purposeful new products – like duffel bags, tote … Read more

Fishman Supply

Fishman Supply is a local Family owned and operated business located in Petaluma CA. Fishman SUpply is a Sonoma County Certified green business focused on providing a local source for green products for Sonoma County businesses. www.Fishmansupply.comFor over Fifty years Fishman Supply Company has been providing customers with top quality maintenance, packaging and office supply … Read more

Zero Waste Marin

Zero Waste Marin provides information on household hazardous waste collection, recycling, composting and waste disposal. We also ensure our county’s compliance with state recycling mandates – all while educating the citizens and businesses of Marin. mission is to help residents and businesses meet the county’s Zero Waste goal by 2025 by reducing and recycling … Read more

Resynergi, Inc.

Resynergi, Inc., located in Rohnert Park, California, is committed to addressing the issue of waste plastic disposal. Using advanced microwave technology, Resynergi’s systems convert waste plastic into usable fuels or other petroleum products that can be used to re-make plastic, while producing almost no greenhouse gas emissions. www.resynergi.comResynergi believes in reducing the impact of waste … Read more

R3 Consulting Group, Inc.

We are a consultant team comprised of talented urban planners, policy writers, engineers, data analyzers, communicators, and designers who are passionate about sustainability. We provide services related to solid waste planning, procurement and negotiation assistance, operations and performance reviews, financial and rate analysis, and legislative compliance assistance. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our … Read more


The Recology mission represents a fundamental shift from traditional waste management to resource recovery. Our vision at Recology is to create a world without waste by developing and discovering sustainable resource recovery practices that can be implemented globally. This begins by building an exceptional Resource Ecosystem – one that both protects the environment and sustains … Read more

Zero Waste Sonoma

Zero Waste Sonoma is the new face of the Sonoma County Waste Management Agency (SCWMA). Our mission and values are the same, but our name and logo have changed to better reflect our identity as a government agency separate from, but related to, Sonoma County. Our new name also captures the regional commitment of achieving … Read more

R3 Consulting Group

Resources, Respect and Responsibility are the guiding principles of R3 Consulting Group. Incorporated in 2002, we are a California Certified Small Business with a mission to assist municipal clients in identifying challenges, evaluating alternatives, and implementing cost-effective, environmentally sound and “community-friendly” solid waste solutions. We provide services related to solid waste planning, procurement and negotiation … Read more

Simply Solar

Simply Solar is a full service EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) photovoltaic solar company committed to providing high grade products and delivering exceptional service to our customers. Through the utilization and development of efficient and rapidly scalable operations and marketing software, Simply Solar can ensure top tier quality consumer experience at competitive industry pricing. With … Read more