Keith Abeles

Keith has been active in agriculture for over thirty years as a producer and advocate of sustainable agriculture. His expertise includes water use efficiency and management, farm management, soil health, hedgerow design and implementation, and grower outreach and education. At the RCD, Keith assists growers to evaluate irrigation system performance, and improve irrigation scheduling. Keith … Read more

Ben Schleifer

Ben works as the EDC Food Program Coordinator, and works closely with K-12 schools around the country to help them serve food off of safer (and preferably reusable) food ware. As a former Environmental Educator with StopWaste, Ben understands the importance of working with schools to transform their cafeterias to being more sustainable as well … Read more

Nicole Tai

Nicole Tai is the CEO of GreenLynx, a deconstruction contractor and reuse facility based in Santa Rosa, CA. GreenLynx opened its retail store in August 2017. Nicole has managed and inventoried over 150 deconstruction, construction and reuse logistics projects around the Bay Area and New York, totalling over 1.5 million residential, commercial and institutional square … Read more

Courtney Scott

Courtney Scott has worked in household hazardous waste for 12 years. She began her career with the San Rafael Fire Department coordinating the Marin HHW Facility in partnership with Marin Resource Recycling and Zero Waste Marin. Currently, she is the HHW Program Manager for Zero Waste Sonoma, managing the HHW and e-waste programs. She’s been … Read more

Whitney Reuling

Whitney Reuling is a native of Sonoma County, raised in Forestville on a small farm and vineyard. Prior to joining Sonoma Family Meal, Whitney spent over a decade in New York City, developing and managing impactful programs providing nutrition and culinary education, healthy foods access, and job training. Whitney holds a sociology degree from Boston … Read more

Marie Kneemeyer

Born and raised in the hills of Nevada County, Marie Kneemeyer came to the bay area to receive her BFA in Graphic Arts and minor in Art History from Dominican University of CA. Using her skills, she became a freelance Graphic Artist but found herself craving a more eco-minded direction. Marie joined Daily Acts Organization … Read more

Kelly Conrad

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Kelly Conrad received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration & Marketing with a minor in English & Professional Writing from the University of Puget Sound in Washington. After completing the Wine Marketing post-graduate program at Cal Poly, Kelly went on to work for such wineries as EOS … Read more

Sloane Pagal

Sloane Pagal has been managing zero waste programs with Zero Waste Sonoma for over three years. Notable projects include the beverage container recycling pilot, recycling infrastructure payment program, local foodware ordinances and program development for reusables. She co-leads the Sonoma County Reuse Coalition, has established a core of local fixers to help extend the useful … Read more

Joanne Brasch, PhD

Dr. Joanne Brasch holds a PhD in Textile Economics and Environmental Analysis from the University of California, Davis, where she also received a Master’s degree in Textile Science and a Bachelor’s degree in International Agricultural Development. With more than 13 years of academic work experience, Joanne has held lecturer and research appointments at UC Davis, … Read more

Nicole Kurian

Nicole graduated in 2018 with a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning at the University of California, Davis. As an undergraduate student, she directed waste diversion and sustainability programs as Unit Director of the Campus Center for the Environment partnered with the university. Before joining CAW, Nicole worked in the California State … Read more