Sunny Galbraith

Sunny Galbraith is an activist with local climate action group 350 Sonoma and a high school science and math teacher at Orchard View School in Sebastopol. With 350 Sonoma, she heads up the Zero Waste subcommittee, is on the Sonoma County Zero Waste Task Force, and works in collaboration with other local environmental and labor community groups to make Zero Waste a reality in Sonoma County. She received her B.S. in Biology from U.C. San Diego and her mathematics and biology teaching credentials from Sonoma State. She founded and runs the compost and recycling program at Apple Blossom and Orchard View Schools in which she trains elementary, middle, and high school students to run the lunchtime compost and recycle lunch program. Over the past eleven years, her program has diverted over 75,000 pounds of organics and recycling from the landfill through on-site worm bins, the county green-waste program, and recycling. Sunny provides guidance to other schools in setting up student-run lunchtime compost and recycling programs. In the summers, Sunny teaches with the Mike Hauser Algebra Academy, leading high school students in math- and science-based explorations with local STEM businesses. Sunny has been a classroom teacher for 16 years and an environmental educator for 21. In 2015, Sunny was awarded the West Sonoma County Teacher of the Year by the Sebastopol Rotary.

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