Regional Zero Waste

Governments Zero Waste Role

Government plays a vital role in establishing criteria needed to eliminate waste, by creating the economic and regulatory environment in which to achieve it, and for leading by example.  Waste reduction, reuse, recycling and composting create more jobs in local communities than disposing our materials.
The State of California promotes the goal of “Zero Waste California” where the public, industry, and government strive to reduce, reuse, or recycle all solid waste materials back into nature or the marketplace in a manner that protects human health and the environment while honoring the principles of California’s Integrated Waste Management Act.

Zero Waste Goals by Surrounding Communities

The counties surrounding Sonoma County support zero waste.  Zero Waste Marin is the formal name for the Marin Hazardous and Solid Waste Joint Powers Authority (JPA), which is comprised of representatives from all over Marin County.  Their mission is to help residents and businesses meet the county’s Zero Waste goal by 2025 by reducing and recycling their solid waste and safely disposing of hazardous materials.
Zero Waste Schools:  Zero Waste Marin offers a Zero Waste Schools Program to all Marin County schools to help you comply with new state composting and recycling requirements. Their zero waste experts educate teachers, students, and staff on the benefits of reducing waste, provide the infrastructure to set up indoor and outdoor recycling and composting, and help schools implement 3-bin waste stations for resource recovery.   More information on their program can be found at
Napa Recycling promote Zero Waste goals and developed a zero waste wineries program. Almost everything generated at a wineries can be recycled or composted.  Napa Recycling provides resources on how a winery can achieve zero waste.
In addition, Mendocino County supports zero waste goals.

Regional Zero Waste Strategic Plans:

Alameda Zero Waste Implementation Plan
Del Norte County Zero Waste Plan
Marin County Zero Waste Feasibility Study
Novato Sanitary District Approved Zero Waste Agreement
Oakland Strategic Plan to Achieve Oakland’s Zero waste Goal and Resolution of Adopting the Plan
Palo Alto Zero Waste Strategic Plan
San Francisco Zero Waste Strategic Plan
San Jose Zero Waste Strategic Plan
Santa Cruz County Zero Waste Plan

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