World Centric

World Centric We exist to be of service to people and the planet. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Sonoma County, CA, World Centric provides 100% compostable products for the foodservice industry to reduce environmental impact. By innovating in plant-based materials and design, World Centric has developed over 450 foodservice and retail products across tableware, … Read more

SCS Engineers

Environmental Consultants and Contractors SCS is an environmental engineering consulting firm, helping clients optimize solid waste operations and environmental controls. Established on the first Earth Day in April 1970, SCS is headquartered in Long Beach, CA. Our work comes from public and private sector clients; we provide comprehensive solid waste services, including waste characterization studies, … Read more

Zero Waste Marin

Protecting Our Resources Together Zero Waste Marin’s mission is to protect natural resources by promoting source reduction of waste through reuse, repair, and more mindful purchasing. To make recycling and composting easy, we offer a variety of programs including: the Household Hazardous Waste Program, the Zero Waste Schools Program, and public outreach and education programs. … Read more

Clean Harbors

Clean Harbors, which ranks at 144 on the Clean200 list, maintains sustainable revenue sources through its recycling of used motor oil and solvents, along with its work in facilitating the proper destruction of ozone-depleting and hazardous substances. Additionally, over the years, despite its continued growth, the company’s emissions have decreased or remained neutral.

Zero Waste Sonoma

Zero Waste Sonoma is the new face of the Sonoma County Waste Management Agency (SCWMA). Our mission and values are the same, but our name and logo have changed to better reflect our identity as a government agency separate from, but related to, Sonoma County. Our new name also captures the regional commitment of achieving … Read more

SOMO VIllage

WHAT IS SOMO VILLAGE? SOMO Village is an internationally recognized and award winning 175-acre redevelopment in southern Sonoma County in the City of Rohnert Park, California. THE SOMO DIFFERENCE A healthy, happy, high quality live-work community in one of the most beautiful places in the World. The community is being developed consistent with One Planet … Read more

Sonoma County Resource Recovery

SCRR is a newly formed entity, part of a regional collective of companies owned and operated by resource recovery pioneers (Marin Sanitary Service, Garden City Sanitation and the Walbridge Group), who have come together to offer innovative, comprehensive resource hauling services to communities.

SCS Engineers

SCS Engineers’ far-ranging capabilities translate directly into value for our clients, with higher levels of environmental performance while achieving their budget and business goals. Our field-seasoned engineers and environmental scientists design, build and maintain sustainable solutions, reduce risk, and help our clients foresee and adapt to environmental, social and regulatory changes. Our innovative solutions are … Read more