Nicole Tai

Nicole Tai is currently the CEO of GreenLynx, reclaimed building materials company based in Santa Rosa, CA. Nicole has been working in the field of deconstruction since 1998 when she began reclaiming materials on jobs of her family’s commercial tenant improvement company. She has managed over 60 deconstruction and reuse logistics projects around the Bay Area and New York, totalling over 1.2 million residential, commercial and institutional square feet. Her environmental career spans 24 years and ranges from green building to home composting. In addition to leading our team of experienced professionals, Nicole’s concentration at GreenLynx includes increasing the market for reclaimed materials, promoting deconstruction and reuse, management, training, client development, and sustainability consulting. GreenLynx opened it’s retail store in August 2017.
Nicole currently lives in Novato, and grew up in both the Bay Area and Massachusetts. In her spare time Nicole enjoys playing with her 13 and 7 year olds, hiking, and gardening.

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