Nicole Tai

Nicole Tai is the CEO of GreenLynx, a deconstruction contractor and reuse facility based in Santa Rosa, CA. GreenLynx opened its retail store in August 2017. Nicole has managed and inventoried over 150 deconstruction, construction and reuse logistics projects around the Bay Area and New York, totalling over 1.5 million residential, commercial and institutional square feet. Nicole now oversees the deconstruction division, the lumber yard and reuse store at GreenLynx, and focuses on business development. She founded the Bay Area Deconstruction Workgroup, and is currently leading the Build Reuse Language Workgroup and a Subcommittee focused on changes to CalGreen that include reuse. Nicole is Chair of Reuse Alliance, Chair of the Novato Sustainability Commission, Treasurer of Marin Builders Association, and a member of Build Reuse.

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