Marie Kneemeyer

Born and raised in the hills of Nevada County, Marie Kneemeyer came to the bay area to receive her BFA in Graphic Arts and minor in Art History from Dominican University of CA. Using her skills, she became a freelance Graphic Artist but found herself craving a more eco-minded direction. Marie joined Daily Acts Organization and was a Communications and Development Coordinator for 6 years and learned a deep appreciation for community engagement and activism in that space. Following this, she transitioned to her true passion; education focused on zero waste. Marie has been the Public Education Manager at Recology Sonoma Marin for 2 years now and strives to deliver a poignant and rich array of waste-related education to Recology customers. She chairs a local Zero Waste taskforce, part of 350Petaluma, focused on reducing waste in the city of Petaluma. She also is part of the Zero Waste Northbay taskforce and is on the planning committee for the Zero Waste Symposium and Zero Waste Week. And she always loves to talk trash – keeping items out of the landfill, that is!

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