Casey Willima

Casey Williams has been in the solid waste, recycling, and compost business since 2005 when he started with the Ratto Group. There, he had various roles from Customer Service Manager, to diversion reporting, to IT, to Outreach Manager. Upon Recology’s acquisition of the Ratto Group in 2017 he assumed a new role of Public Education Manager. Today he designs all of the outreach and education materials provided by Recology such as their bi-annual newsletter, education posters, and even the signs you see at events. He also coordinates all of the large event services and donations that Recology does each year. With so many great events all over Sonoma and Marin County the potential for waist is high. Casey works hard to ensure these events have the tools and equipment needed to educate the public and divert as much material as possible from the landfill.

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