Caren McNamara

Tired of throwing away glass bottles that could be washed and refilled instead of landfilled or recycled, Caren McNamara founded Conscious Container, a California Benefit Corporation, in 2017 to bring a refillable glass bottle marketplace back into the US economy and infrastructure.
Traveling around the world Caren witnessed refillable glass systems. It was clear these reuse systems delivered a more sustainable beverage packaging solution. She also discovered these refillable glass bottle systems delivered significant reduced packaging carbon emissions and costs compared to single-use bottles for beverage producers.
After over 20 years as a successful project and change management consultant, Caren was inspired by the circular economy solutions refillables presented. As a boot-strapping start-up she set proof-of-concept collection pilots which proved the demand and desire for this refillable glass bottle marketplace. Caren worked strategically with key stakeholders, policymakers, beverage and glass manufactures and now investors to scale this “benefit for all” sustainable refillable business model.
Most recently, Conscious Container successfully proposed and assisted in the successful signature into law of California AB-962: Reusable Beverage Containers, as well as highlighted in a featured refillable cover story in Wine Business Monthly magazine.
With multiple speaking engagements across the recycling, wine industry and sustainable packaging ecosystems, Caren and the Conscious Container team know that a refillable system brings a powerful business solution to our single-use packaging waste crisis while delivering reduced packaging carbon emissions and cost impacts for beverage producers.
On the side, Caren loves mountain sports and connecting with family, friends and anyone who wants to dialog about refillables.

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