Brad Baker, CEO

Mr. Brad Baker currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of SOMO Group (SOMO). SOMO is an investment holding company with investments in commercial real estate, wellness and fitness facilities, co working and clean energy. SOMO designs, builds, owns and manages both residential and commercial real estate.

In addition to directing the company holdings and investments, he is the visionary behind SOMO Village, an internationally recognized, deeply sustainable mixed-use community with 600,000 square feet of existing commercial space plus including 50,000+ square feet of retail space and 1,694 homes. The community will provide 3,300 jobs along with convenient daily services to the 4,400 residents and surrounding community.

He is also the Co-Founder, CEO and Chairman of Community Fuels, Inc., a producer of advanced biofuels. The company recently sold its state-of-the art bio refinery at the Port of Stockton in California to Canary Biofuels which is one of the largest producers of advanced biofuels on the west coast.

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