D’Lynda Fischer

D’Lynda grew up in a politically active family in the foothills of Anchorage, Alaska. She became an adult while living in New York City and migrated to Southern California where she had a successful career as an Urban Planning Consultant. She moved to Sonoma County six years ago and works as a consultant to non-profit … Read more

Natalie Goble

Handline and Lowell’s Executive Chef and co-owner Natalie Goble’s modern Californian cooking celebrates the region’s bounty and pays homage to the early immigrants who brought their cooking techniques and ingredients to the Golden State. Goble began her restaurant career in the front of the house while in high school, and after graduating from UC Santa … Read more

Celia Furber

Celia Furber is the waste zero manager for Recology Sonoma Marin. The waste zero department is the education and outreach arm of the company, and is responsible for meeting and exceeding waste diversion goals set by the state and each unique jurisdictional contract. Celia has built her career around her ability to design, strategize, and … Read more

2019 Zero Waste Symposium

Rohnert Park, CA – The Sonoma County Zero Waste Symposium is Wednesday, July 31, 2019 at the SOMO Village event Center in Rohnert Park, CA. The program begins at 8: 30 AM. The North Bay is in transition with the way waste, compost and recycling are managed. Working with new haulers Recology and Sonoma County … Read more

Naomi Crawford

I have been cooking since 1989, and have always worked with local farms to procure organic produce and artisan products. I opened Lunchette a little over 2 years ago, building a menu that would continue that tradition, focusing on creating a spot for our community to get healthy but delicious food quickly. Thus, Lunchette is … Read more

Mimi Enright

Mimi Enright was born & raised in the Bay Area and spent many happy days as a child exploring the Santa Cruz Mountains. She worked in the technology industry for 17 years before moving to Sonoma County in 2000 to pursue her passion as a landscape designer. She completed the training to become a UC … Read more

Bea Johnson

Bea Johnson and her family produce a mere pint of trash per year since 2008. Dubbed “The Priestess of Waste-Free Living” by the New York Times, Bea has been featured on TV shows and in publications all over the world. She shatters misconceptions, proving that zero waste can not only be stylish, but also lead … Read more

Justin Wilcock

Justin Wilcock is the Community Outreach Manager for Sonoma County Resource Recovery (SCRR). He was been with SCRR since October of 2017 when they began collecting materials for the Town of Windsor. Justin has been in the waste and recycling industry for over 10 years getting his start at Waste Management of Alameda County where … Read more

Lisa Coelho

Lisa Coelho is a new hire to SCS Engineers’ Sustainable Materials Management team. Ms. Coelho is a Sustainable Materials Management Specialist with a passion for organics programs; she lives and works in Pleasanton, California. She primarily assists municipalities with research of upcoming solid waste legislation; waste characterizations; community outreach and education; and evaluation of organics … Read more